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Reconditioned OEM Bumpers and Bumper Covers

Top Notch Auto Parts - OEM reconditioned bumpers - discount pricing


Reconditioned bumpers painting and installation available. Highest quality reconditioned bumpers at discount prices
Porsche & Audi reconditioned bumpers and other parts.

Professional painting and installation of your reconditioned OEM bumpers are now available! Your bumpers can now be painted by our experienced technician, to an exact match of the vehicle color. Please contact us for any further inquiries regarding painted  reconditioned OEM bumpers. Learn more...

We specialize in reconditioned OEM bumpers for both domestic and imported vehicles. We offer only the highest quality  remanufactured OEM bumpers, refurbished by our skilled staff with many years of professional experience. Our reconditioned OEM bumpers will meet and exceed demands of today's body repair market.

 In addition to profesionally reconditioned OEM bumpers we have a special offer for Audi and Porsche owners - you'll find many parts including  cooling system components, hoods, lights and many other parts here at Top Notch Auto Parts ! Audi Porsche


Due to recent UPS/FedEx introduction of "dimensional weight" based shipping fees, in order to keep shipping costs low we were forced to update our shipping policy.

Shipping service to all continental US states except for ND, SD, NE, MN, IA, WI, IL is now provided by Greyhound Package Express for even lower, flat rate fee of $80.00 for the first bumper ($20.00each additional). Customers can pick up their packages at the nearest Greyhound Station or have it shipped to a Greyhound Station most convenient for them.

Shipping policies and fees remain unchanged for our ND, SD, NE, MN, IA, WI, IL based customers - orders will be delivered to their address by our regional carrier for a flat fee of $45.00 for the first bumper ($20.00 each additional)

OEM Reconditioned Bumpers - Fast Shipping, Free Chicagoland Delivery OEM Reconditioned Bumpers - Fast Shipping, Many Payment options

Save Money, Save Environment with Reconditioned OEM Bumpers

Why go with Reconditioned OEM BUMPERS ?

To save some green !

Reconditioning of OEM bumper requires hundreds of times less energy, resources and harsh chemicals than manufacturing new one. Plus, by using of even one reconditioned OEM bumper, you're saving our landfills at least couple of pounds of hardly degradable plastic.

Reconditioned OEM bumpers are inexpensive, too. For the fraction of the cost of new OEM bumper you'll receive fully functional reconditioned one. Why pay more, then ?

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